1. 86 Strona bierna (I) - Wydawnictwo Jzykowe

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    182 88 Wish + Past Simple Czasownik ‘wish ’ suy do wyraenia yczenia lub proby. Oznacza on ‘yczy sobie, chcie, pragn’ i moe wystpi z ...

  2. Exercises ¨Can ¨ or ¨can´t¨? - Language worksheets

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    Can Exercises ¨Can ¨ or ¨can´t¨? 1. Her dad only speaks English. He _____ speak French. 2. I _____ swim a hundred meters. 3. _____ you make a fire?

  3. DrivingTestTips.ie Testimonials


    Go to this Instructors Info cilck number >> RSA-ADI:F37300. Message: so happy i passed my driving test .i would have not made it if not for the help of my wonderful ...

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    Znalaze bd lub masz pomys jak zrobi co lepiej? Napisz do nas. Twoja opinia pomoe nam ulepsza ten serwis dla Ciebie.

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    I like football. She doesn't work. Does she have a brother? No, she doesn't He plays tennis very well. The match starts at 12.30 I always do my homework.

  6. European Drag Racing News - Eurodragster.com


    Dico Internationals coverage. 24th August: We are in place at Tierp Arena to bring you all the news from the Dico Internationals in association with John Woolfe Racing.

  7. ENGLISH PAGE - Modal Verbs Exercise 7

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    1. I'm not really sure where Beverly is. She in the living room, or perhaps she's in the backyard. 2. Doug the video we rented on his way to work.